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  • 1. Shortest arrival window ever: We value your time. That's why we provide you with 30 minute timeframe of arrival, not half a day waiting for the carpet cleaning technician to show up.
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  • 2. Shoe Covers: We are here to clean your carpet, not to make it dirty. That's why we put on shoe covers even before we step into your home.
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  • 3. Pre-Inspection: Many times our customers have special requirements & expectations about their carpet cleaning service. We will listen to you carefully while our staff performs a simple carpet inspection. Customer satisfaction is number one on our list.
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  • 5. Carpet Pre-Treatment: We will pre-spray your carpet with special solution to break down all dirt and grime bonded deep into the carpet fibers. We pay extra attentiotoin high traffic and stained areas. We use soap free carpet cleaning solution, so no sticky residue is left behind.
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  • 6. Carpet Grooming: We will pre-brush the high traffic areas on the carpet to help loosen dirt and grime. This is critically important because they receive more traffic than the rest of your carpet.
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  • 7. Carpet Steam Cleaning: We use a powerful steam cleaning extraction method recommended by leading USA carpet manufacturers. Cleaning solution and water are sprayed into the carpet fiber while powerful multiple stage vacuum motors suck water and dirt back into the carpet cleaning machine. The carpet is left damp to the touch without over wetting it.
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  • 8. Stains Removal: For any stubborn stains we have variety of cleaning techniques and we will not give up until we've tried them all.
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  • 9. Enzyme Treatment: If you happen to be a pet owner you should know pet dander is the main trigger for home allergies & asthma. For a small additional fee we can apply our non-toxic, biodegradable enzyme treatment
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  • 10. Final check up: We will perform final walk through to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your carpet cleaning service. Our customers satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to check our review page at any time.


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